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    1) Choose quickly from cooked and healthy meals of carefully selected sellers in your area.
    2) Create your order from next day to up to 7 days to eat at home, or to take with you as a lunch pack.
    3) Pick your meals up everyday on your way back home after 4 pm, no waiting.

    Place your order for 1 day or 1 week, and forget the rest.

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    For your events, guests or own use; order from À la Carte menu without being limited to daily menus. Choose from our all available menu items, order for next day or any coming day and our provider will cook for you to pick up after 4 pm.

    * Minimum portion may be enforced by some providers

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    We deliver healthy lunch packs to schools. If your school works with us (pity if they do not), you will be provided with School code. Enter the code to choose from lunch pack options, order and pay; we will deliver your order to the school before lunch with a name tag of your child.

    * Delivery is free of charge
    * Schools can see details and signup from HERE for our service

No Time and
Desire to Cook?

Do not feel guilty of your cooking skills. Get the stress out of your life since you are simply too busy. A delicious, home-made tasting meal is waiting for you.

Healthy Food,
Healthy Family

Stay in shape with meals from selected restaurants using healthy ingredients. Create healthy eating habit for the family and children with our quality food.

Better Food for
$ You Spend

You pay less compared to a restaurant, but eat healthier and more. Order in increments of half portion for your kids and family, eat at home; pack to school and work.

Simple to Order
for 14 Days

Easy to choose for up to 7 days from our simple but changing and delicious menus from different providers. Order now and stop thinking what to eat next days!

How to claim your 50$ Gift Card

Register (10$), refer friends who order (5$ ea) and place orders (1¢ per 1$) to collect points and claim your Amazon or Target Gift Cards when you reach 50$ (5000 points)

Join Mealze Network as A Provider 

As a restaurant or food provider, you know very well how complicated could be nowadays to have stable number of customers, whatever the season or time of the day. Regardless of how good you are and how much you invest in improving your customer base, the market needs can be just too complicated to cope up with in a classical way.

We are growing our network with the selected sellers. If you are;

  • ready for a new business model
  • owner of business with good reputation and reviews
  • willing to cook quality, healthy and delicious food
  • ready to create selections up to 6 meals changing daily for 7 days forward
  • capable to prepare the meals ordered for pick up
  • having a computer and printer to receive orders and label your packages

After joining Mealze, you can enjoy our new business benefits;

  • Know what to cook one day in advance with our order reports, make your shopping accordingly.
  • Utilize the standby time of your employees, cook Mealze orders at non-peak hours.
  • Advertise free to your neighbors with delivery, make them enjoy your food so they will come visit you
  • Increase your revenue with new business stream, at no extra cost
  • Have your own www.mealze.com/xyz-cafe to promote your menus in social media
  • Save from advertising costs or sophisticated marketing consultants. Benefit from Mealze marketing and experience.
  • Enjoy opportunities of volume orders from catering and schools.
  • Forget about the days when you can hardly count 10 customers the day

we have a simple financial model where orders are paid directly to your Paypal account, and Mealze charges commission bewteen 5-15%.

What do you think? Ready for a additional revenue? Let's get in touch and see how we can work together!

REGISTER HERE, one of our agents will contact and visit you.