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    1) Choose quickly from cooked and healthy meals of carefully selected sellers in your area.
    2) Create your order from next day to up to 7 days to eat at home, or to take with you as a lunch pack.
    3) Pick your meals up everyday on your way back home after 4 pm, no waiting.

    Place your order for 1 day or 1 week, and forget the rest.

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    For your events, guests or own use; order from À la Carte menu without being limited to daily menus. Choose from our all available menu items, order for next day or any coming day and our provider will cook for you to pick up after 4 pm.

    * Minimum portion may be enforced by some providers

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    We deliver healthy lunch packs to schools. If your school works with us (pity if they do not), you will be provided with School code. Enter the code to choose from lunch pack options, order and pay; we will deliver your order to the school before lunch with a name tag of your child.

    * Delivery is free of charge
    * Schools can see details and signup from HERE for our service

No Time and
Desire to Cook?

Do not feel guilty of your cooking skills. Get the stress out of your life since you are simply too busy. A delicious, home-made tasting meal is waiting for you.

Healthy Food,
Healthy Family

Stay in shape with meals from selected restaurants using healthy ingredients. Create healthy eating habit for the family and children with our quality food.

Better Food for
$ You Spend

You pay less compared to a restaurant, but eat healthier and more. Order in increments of half portion for your kids and family, eat at home; pack to school and work.

Simple to Order
for 14 Days

Easy to choose for up to 7 days from our simple but changing and delicious menus from different providers. Order now and stop thinking what to eat next days!

How to claim your 50$ Gift Card

Register (10$), refer friends who order (5$ ea) and place orders (1¢ per 1$) to collect points and claim your Amazon or Target Gift Cards when you reach 50$ (5000 points)


Mealze is a network where restaurants who cook healthy food meet with the customers who would like to buy healthy food for home consumption. We are looking for part-time entrepreneurs to extend its network in the USA, by engaging new food prpviders such as catering companies or restaurants.

If you;

  •          Are good in communication, marketing and sales
  •          Can use part of your time for promoting Mealze services and benefit
  •          Have computer and are a good user of it
  •          Know your area demographics to define areas and markets
  •          Know or can find best healthy providers in your area
  •          Have read through lines of our website, and understood our concept very well

Then apply to be our ‘Affiliate in Town’ with below form. Please be informed that Mealze has right to decline your application or the areas you are proposing to promote. 

Your responsibilities will be ONLY to;

  •          Define the healthy food demand areas in your town
  •          Identify good rated healthy food companies in your area
  •          Approach them with help of our marketing material
  •          Sign them up to Mealze Network
  •          Help them for a quick start, support to create menus and whenever needed
  •          Monitor quality of deliveries

Your earnings as an Independent 1099 Sales Representative will be as in the form of commission of sales as below;

1) For every 5 sellers joined the network, successfully created their daily menus and active; $ 250
2) During 1st year after each provider signup: 5% of order value to your provider (excluding tax).

As an example, if you sign 20 restaurants up, each processing 10 orders at 10$ each every weekday in a year; your annual earnings will be ($ 250 x 5) + (20 sellers x 10$ x 10 orders x  260 days x 5%) = 27,250$. Please be informed that this is provided merely as an example and does not constitute any commitments or obligations for Mealze.